Two-Fisted Tales (1992) Full Movie

Two-Fisted Tales
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Watch Two-Fisted Tales (1992) : Full Movie Online The foul-mouthed, wheelchair-bound Mr. Rush introduces three adventure tales based on the EC comics of the 1950's. A 1992 star-studded made-for-tv film which was an attempt to launch a second series in the mold of Tales From The Crypt. When this failed to launch, the three tales were re-edited and shown as Crypt episodes.

Title Two-Fisted Tales
Release Date Jan 18, 1992
Genres , , , ,
Production Company Carolco Pictures
Production Countries United States of America
Casts Brad Pitt, William Sadler, David Morse, Kirk Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Eric Douglas, Lance Henriksen, Neil Giuntoli, Roderick Cook, Thomas F. Duffy, Monty Bass
Plot Keywords world war i, soldier,
Billy (segment
Billy (segment "King of the Road")
Brad Pitt
Mr. Rush (Presenter)
Mr. Rush (Presenter)
William Sadler
Tom McMurdo (segment
Tom McMurdo (segment "Showdown")
David Morse
General Calthrop
General Calthrop
Kirk Douglas
Captain Miligan
Captain Miligan
Dan Aykroyd
Eric Douglas
Lance Henriksen
Billy Quintaine (segment
Billy Quintaine (segment "Showdown")
Neil Giuntoli
Cornelius Bosch (segment
Cornelius Bosch (segment "Showdown")
Roderick Cook
Scorby (segment
Scorby (segment "Showdown")
Thomas F. Duffy
Frank Little Bear (segment
Frank Little Bear (segment "Showdown")
Monty Bass
Blacksmith (segment
Blacksmith (segment "Showdown")
Mel Coleman
Little Boy (segment
Little Boy (segment "Showdown")
Grant Gelt
Harley (segment
Harley (segment "Showdown")
Paul T. Murray
Big Bart (segment
Big Bart (segment "Showdown")
Tommy Townsend
Garrett (segment
Garrett (segment "King of the Road")
Raymond J. Barry
Carrie (segment
Carrie (segment "King of the Road")
Michelle Bronson
Mole (segment
Mole (segment "King of the Road")
Jack Kehler
Dispatcher (segment
Dispatcher (segment "King of the Road")
Alva L. Petway
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